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Key to Abbreviations
Compiling and Analysing the People Lists

About the Lists

The People lists are an ongoing project and contain all names known to us as of February 2023. We update the lists roughly once a year, although these updates can be more frequent depending on the amount of information we receive. If you can provide additional information about anyone on the lists, or can correct errors in the lists, or if you can provide information about anyone not included so far, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please go to “About Us” to find out how to reach us.

N.B.: To better understand the lists and how to interpret them, please click on the two links above (Key to Abbreviations and Compiling and Analysing the People Lists).


The alphabetical lists include people known to have worked for the principal enterprises, as well as those who worked for related enterprises if those individuals were ultimately employed by Anglo Engraving, Sun Engraving, Rembrandt, or Sun Printers. We have incorporated many biographies and photographs of individuals as well.

If an individual entered the armed forces from the company and returned to the company from the armed forces, then we have counted that person’s war service as company service. This applies to both WWI and WWII. During WWII especially, it was not uncommon for an individual to enter the armed forces and then be seconded back to the Sun for war work. That person might then return to his service unit for demobilisation, and come back to the Sun later. The companies themselves usually counted war service as company service.

The lists have been compiled from a number of sources, principally house magazines. Many of these are quite inaccurate – particularly TheSun” at War volumes, in which some names appear with as many as three different spellings. We have therefore had some difficulty detecting duplicate names.

Other than including birth and death dates (where known), for reasons of privacy we have kept personal information in these lists to a minimum. We generally show family relationships only if both individuals worked at the Sun. Women who worked at the Sun only before their marriage are listed under their maiden names; those who worked at the Sun only after their marriage are listed under their married names; and those who worked at the Sun both before and after marriage are listed under the name by which most people would have known them, but with a cross-reference to the other name.

We have retained personal information in our files and have been able to put people in touch with each other. If you want to contact someone on the lists, and provided we already have the necessary information ourselves, we will obtain that person’s permission before supplying you with his or her address and/or phone number.

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