The History of Sun Engraving and Sun Printers

For the Sun
For the dust
For the watches of the night
For the hardships
Pietro Bembo


This web site tells the story of a group of interrelated printing companies, and primarily records the history of Sun Engraving and Sun Printers, industry pioneers and giants in their field for most of the twentieth century.

Essays, pictures, and personal reminiscences document the companies’ significant achievements, the changing times, and many of the experiences of the thousands of men and women who were employed by these firms.

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The companies were, in order of their creation:

Geo.W. Jones Co. (1890–1908)

André & Sleigh Ltd. (1893–1914)

Rembrandt Intaglio Printing Co. (1895–1932)

Anglo Engraving Co. Ltd. (1898–1914)

Mezzogravure Co. Ltd. (1910–c.1918)

Ashworth, Meredith & Downer (1901–1916)

Menpes Printing and Engraving Co. (1908–1918)

Bushey Colour Press (1910–1914)

André, Sleigh and Anglo Ltd. (1914–18)

Sun Engraving Co. Ltd. (1918–1968)

Studio Sun (1931–1951)

Rembrandt Photogravure Ltd. (1932–1961)
Sun Printers Ltd. (1945–2004)

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