You Can Help

If you or any of your friends or relatives worked at Sun Printers or at any of the other firms listed on the home page, please consider contributing to this site. Every contribution will add depth and dimension to the story. You may wind up confirming a date, adding detail, or providing more names and new contacts. Whatever your job and however long your service, your memories will be unique – and that makes them important.

Share your personal anecdotes and reminiscences. You could tell us, for instance, about:

  • special events or outings
  • dramas (accidents, fires, etc.)
  • humorous incidents
  • particular challenges (for yourself, for the company)
  • successes and failures
  • unforgettable characters
  • tricks of the trade
  • special skills learned and performed

What were your first impressions of the firm (or firms) you worked for? Tell us about the conditions, the atmosphere, the work itself. How was work prioritized and processed? How was quality controlled? What changes did you initiate or experience during your time there? What did printing and Sun Printers (or the firm you worked for) mean to you?

Tell us anything else you can think of. What was the noise level like? What were the health and safety provisions or concerns? What hours did you work? What vacation time did you get? What perks were available? What did you like/dislike? Did you belong to a company club? If you attended company sports days, car rallies, or other events, please tell us about them.

Do you have company correspondence, memoranda, publicity material, personnel lists, chapel lists, and/or photos you could loan us?

Please help us make the Sun’s story as complete as possible.

This Questionnaire may help you get started.