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This website was conceived and developed by Peter Greenhill and Pat Valentine, who would like to acknowledge the invaluable help of many former Sun employees and others connected with the Sun. The site was launched in 2005. Here is how it all began.

Special thanks to Barry Humphreys for rescuing much of Sun Printers’ photo and product archives from almost certain destruction; to the late Jack Clarke, who kept the flame burning with his annual Sunset Club reunion; and to Shirley Greenman, who has voluntarily devoted her time to publicising the website, researching Sun history locally, and helping put us in touch with many people in the Watford area.

In developing the content of the site, we have drawn on many previously published sources, as well as unpublished documents and the personal reminiscences of individuals. Do please contact us if you find inaccurate information here or can add more information.

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